The growing interest in multispectral space imaging applications on board small satellite platforms poses very strict and challenging requirements for the optical payloads.

In the frame of an ESA technology development program, aimed at addressing the growing small satellite market for Earth observation, an innovative multispectral optical payload, named STREEGO, is under development by Media Lario (prime), and Techno Systems Developments (TSD) for the Focal Plane Assembly (FPA) and Camera Electronics.
STREEGO is a multispectral Earth Observation optical payload for Small Sats constellations. The TMA design with 200 mm aperture provides down to 1 m resolution from 300 km orbit, responding to the highest demand segments of Agriculture, Infrastructure Mapping, Surveillance, Disaster Monitoring, and Maritime Traffic Control. With 19 kg mass, 48 W power consumption, and compact dimensions, STREEGO is a perfect fit for small satellite platforms in the 100 kg range.
The Camera Electronics specifically developed by TSD for STREEGO is very innovative, compact, low power and high performance.
The original design solution allows the integration of all the electronics directly on the Telescope structure, thus avoiding the need of external electronic units and minimizing the overall Payload SWAP (Size, Weight and Power).
The high performance architecture, adopts a powerful XQR5XVFX130 FPGA System-On-Chip (SOC), high speed memory chipset and data links, and provides a complete and extended set of functionalities as: detector configuration and control/synchronization, image data acquisition, re-assembly & pre-processing, compression and additional on board data reduction techniques, aimed at overcoming the data downlink limitations of small satellites.
The Camera Electronics consists of two sections, electrically interconnected by means of flexible PCBs: the detector, proximity electronics section, located into the FPA, and the main electronics section integrated on the telescope structure, but thermally decoupled from it.
The form factor of the main electronics, specifically designed for STREEGO, and its compact volume of only 266 x 220 x 25,2 mm^3, have a minimum impact on the overall payload envelope and the power consumption and mass of the entire camera electronics are respectively 17W and 1.5 Kg, thus resulting compatible also with very small satellite platform.
The expected throughput is 157.97Mpixel/s at 10bit/pixel and 131.51Mpixel/s at 12bit/pixel. The FPA has been already integrated into the telescope and successfully tested, while the integration and testing of the camera electronics are foreseen within Q1 of 2016.