Space Products

Techno System Developments capabilities cover a wide range of different space market segments, namely:

  • Institutional

This segment is located in the frame of Agency programs (i.e. with European Space Agency or Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) with direct contract and/or under Prime Contractors in the field of  Technological developments, Earth Observation, Exploration and Microgravity

  • Commercial

This market segment mainly regards the field of Earth Observation, by providing Prime contractors with general Avionics (OBDH, GN&C, PMS, TT&C, CDMU), Space Image Equipment and Optical payloads electronics

  • R&D

The R&D market segment supports research centers such as CIRA (Italian Center for Aerospace research), INAF, CNR insitutes and universities mostly for electronic developments in experimental/not recurrent applications

In the frame of the above market segments the most important product categories are

  • Space Imaging Equipment
  • On Board Command & Data Handling Units
  • Control and Data Acquisition Systems for Scientific Payloads & Instruments
  • TM/TC Systems and payload high-data rate downlink
  • Power Management Systems
  • Battery and Power Distribution Units
  • Electronicl Ground Support Equipment