Space Imaging Equipment

Satellite Platforms - PRISMA Formation Flying Mission - H2VMU Unit
Satellite Platforms - PRISMA Formation Flying Mission - Optical Unit
ISS Platforms - Digital Video System for the EML - The H2VMU
ISS Platforms - Digital Video System for the EML - Particular of the HDD Unit
Capsules Platform - FOTON M3 Mission - The H2VMU of the Telescience Support Unit
Capsules Platform - FOTON M3 Mission - The Data Handling Central Unit of the Telescience Support Unit

TSD has invested in the field of  Space Imaging Equipment with the objective of becoming European leader in this field. The technological achievements in the area of on board high performance and highly integrated systems (dedicated to real time data handling of optical payloads) are the result of a long  process and large investments done in the last 20 years. The developed equipment are mainly focused on:

  • High performance
  • Use of state of art technologies
  • Proprietary solutions (technological independency)
  • Customisation on application requirements
  • High integration (low power, low mass, low volume)

TSD has also developed step by step some very peculiar core technologies thus acquiring the capability to customise the systems to user requirements (data source, functions, performances), to mission applications (radiation level) and to program constraints (different solutions for different budgets allocated, ITAR/non ITAR):

  • Modular/Distributed architectures suitable for any mechanical accomodation
  • Multiple image data transfer based on high speed end-to-end links
  • Standard I/Fs to the Spacecraft Bus
  • VHDL  IP cores designed for different FPGA platforms
  • Loss-less and lossy compression (various Wavelet  filters and encoding techniques)
  • HW/SW partitioning optimized solutions
  • Solid State Mass Memory based on volatile or non volatile technologies
  • High-rate data storage also with not volatile memories thanks to proprietary solutions
  • Real time Stereo-vision implementation
  • Feature extraction and tracking 

The Imaging Equipment have been developed or are under development for a number of space platforms:


  • Digital Video System for the PRISMA formation flying mission   • Hyperspectral Image Acquisition for the Italian PRISMA Earth Observation Satellite    • Processing electronics for MIOSAT electro-optical payload

International Space Station

    • High Resolution/High Frame Rate  Video Sistem for EML facility
    • Stereoscopic Camera Electronics for ISS astronauts (ERB-2)   


    • Video Systems for the Telescience Support Unit on board Foton 12, M1, M2, M3 Russian Capsules


    • Video Systems for Scientific Payloads

Rover, Navigation, Landing, On-Orbit Servicing

    • Multi-Ocular Smart Sensor (MOSS)
    • Video Acquisition & Processing Systems for AMALIA Orbiter and Rover

ASIC developments

   • CWICOM CCSDS Wavelet Compressor
   • Proprietary Wavelet Compressor










Last update:  November 2012