Power Systems

The Power Management System for the USV of CIRA
The Carrier Located Avionics (CLAV) for the Unmanned Space Vehicle (USV).
The PCDS for MASER 10 (upper side) and MAXUS 5 (lower side)

The Power Management systems are fully integrated units dimensioned on specific application requirements able of providing:
 • Power control
 • Power distribution
 • HK data
 • Power bus monitoring
 • Battery Interface Modules


The systems are available in different versions up to full rad-hard in order to fulfil a wide range of technical and budget mission requirements like Sounding rockets and unmanned space vehicles

For MASER 10 (2005) and MAXUS 5 (2003) sounding rockets TSD has developed the Power Conditioning and Distribution Systems (PCDS).

In the frame of a contract with CIRA (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali) TSD enterely designed, developed and manufactured the Carrier Located Avionics (CLAV) hosting the Power Management System for the Unmanned Space Vehicle (USV) that has flown on february 2007. The PMS was able to provide a total output power of 2.4[kW] @ 30[Vdc], 24 redundant output power lines with overload and short circuit protection with a current rating up to 10[A]