High-Speed Camera Compression Board for ISS EML Facility

HSC Compression Board
High-Speed Camera Compression Board for ISS EML Facility

HSC-CB Functions

The HSC-CB is a PC-104+ module and is part of the HSC-OS unit that is an electronic unit in charge of handling the EML High Speed Camera The HSC-CB receives images from the HSC CPU board over the PCI bus and applies wavelet based hardware compression to achieve different compression levels ranging from lossless up to 100 on images with different dimensions.

Both compression factors and image dimensions are fully configurable by the host, the HSC CPU board that is the initiator of the compression session.

Compressed images are returned to the host through the PCI bus for subsequent storage onto a mass storage device and transmission to ground during contact periods.

Ground tests on sample images have proven the quality of the compression output. Images com- pressed up to a factor 10 are practically undistin- guishable from the original images.