TSD Premises at Pozzuoli
The Clean-Room
A particular of the internal of the Clean-Room
Space Boards Assembling at TSD Electronic Laboratory
The two thermal-vacuum chambers

TSD offers to its customers qualification and environmental testing services.

TSD has internal capabilities to perform most of the environmental qualification activities:
 • Vibration tests are executed internally with the LDS V790 shaker
 • Thermal vacuum test are executed internally thanks to the availability of two Environmental chambers
 • EMC immunity tests are executed internally with Shaffner Best plus

Those tests that TSD cannot perform internally (EMC emissivity tests, some vibration shock test,etc)  are typically performed at external facilities that have partnership with TSD.


TSD Quality Management System is ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified. Quality Austria (IQNet partner) provides external reviews of TSD procedures & processes and entire QMS and ensure conformance to latest ISO requirements at all times.