Techno System Developments (TSD) is a fully private company founded in 1977. Initially focused on applied research in the fields of aerodynamics, fluidynamics, microgravity and space technologies, Techno System gradually became since early 90’s a company  specialised in the design, development and manufacturing of on board and ground electronic equipment for aero-space applications.


25th Anniversary of First TSD Flight

TSD develops electronic systems, subsystems and units on a custom based “turn key” approach to fulfil in the best way technical and functional requirements of a wide range of applications. Thanks to its technical team composed of highly skilled electronic and software engineers and by ESA qualified technicians and thanks to state of art facilities and developing tools TSD is fully autonomous in implementing in house a complete development process including:

  • Requirement assessment
  • Architectural design
  • HW design, development & testing
  • SW design, development & testing
  • Breadbording & simulation
  • Electronic manufacturing, assembling, integration & testing
  • System testing and space qualification

Techno System Developments S.r.l.

80078 Pozzuoli (NA) Italy Via Provinciale Pianura, 2
Zona ind.le San Martino, int. 23

tf + 39 0815268313 + 39 0815263475
fax + 39 0815262701